Taxis and private hire


For licensing authorities

District Councils can set requirements for the types of vehicles that may be used as taxis and for private hire.  Emissions standards can be specified.  For example, councils could require that all newly licensed vehicles from a certain date must meet emissions standards, as York City Council has done.  That Council also introduced an incentive scheme to encourage switching to electric and low emission vehicles.

Research carried out in 2005 found that taxis were more likely to breach emissions standards than other vehicles. Whether this remains true is not known, but councils may wish to carry out random checks in between full vehicle tests.

For  drivers

If you are considering changing your vehicle in the near future, please invest in a car that meets the latest emissions standards, especially for diesel vehicles (Euro 6).  Check the Air Index for real world testing data, to make sure the vehicle is genuinely compliant in real world conditions, as many are not!

Clean Air Zones are likely to be introduced in nearby cities such as Bath and Bristol, so again if you service these areas you will want to make sure your car meets the required standards.

You can learn to drive in a more eco-friendly manner, and therefore lower your emissions.  Find out more here.

For operators

Also see our fleets page.

Low Emissions Taxi Guide

Licensing authorities and operators will find this guide useful.  For those operators who regularly operate in Bath and Bristol, understanding the options for low emission vehicles will be particularly important when the charging Clean Air Zones are implemented.