Travel Plans

In this country people who own cars will tend to drive them for most journeys, including the journey to work, and especially if free parking is available.  Many workplaces have insufficient parking to meet demand from staff and visitors.  Travel planning can help to reduce travel to work by car by studying all the available options and incentivising alternatives to the car if and when appropriate.

For new developments, travel planning can be a planning requirement, but all businesses can benefit from reviewing travel to work.  Providing free parking is a major expense for businesses, although often not perceived as such.  Every space costs money to provide and maintain.  A travel plan may help your staff to switch to other forms of transport, reducing traffic and pollution in peak hours, and help your bottom line.

You are Traffic

These resources can help you get to grips with travel planning.

Essential guide to Travel Planning

Work Travel Plans from Somerset County Council

New Developments Planning Guidance from Somerset County Council

Also see the Travel Choices pages on this website for information about cycling, public transport, etc.