This Girl Can

Cycling is just about the most energy efficient way humans can move around. It’s more efficient than walking!  Which also means that it is the least polluting form of land transport we have.  Government has recognised the value of cycling by making it possible for employers to provide cycles to staff for the work journey, with staff exempted from income tax liability.  Find out more here.


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If you’re not as fit or able as you used to be why not think about an E-bike.  These battery assisted cycles cost pennies to charge, but give you that extra help when you might otherwise struggle up hill or against  a head wind.  And the good news is they are available through CycleScheme too. The Guardian’s Phillippa Perry explains why she’s proud to ride an E-bike here.

Finding your way


Open Cycle Map provides online mapping free of charge and clearly shows all cycle lanes and links.   Cycle maps of Taunton are available from the Tourist Information Centre in the Market House.