Train and Bus

Well used buses and trains are much more fuel efficient than cars, especially cars with only one or two people in them.  They also move people much more efficiently than cars, as 70+ people in a bus occupy about the same space as 3 cars. An 8 coach train can carry 1000 people. So, if more people  use public transport to move around, especially at peak times, for at least some journeys, there will be fewer cars on the roads, reduced congestion and better air quality.

FGW train

Trains  – live departure boards

You can check live train times via these links:



Never again need you wonder when the bus is due! Use the Traveline South West Journey Planner website or app to check for any bus service times throughout the region.

Park and Ride


There are two park and ride sites in Taunton.  Full details here.  By parking your car on the edge of town, you help to reduce congestion on the major roads leading to the town centre and can avoid all day parking charges. The buses are able to avoid some of the traffic congestion on major routes by using bus-only gates.

At the moment the service is FREE of charge while major road works are underway on Toneway.